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The Shark Dive Hawaii Experience

Shark Dive experts will guide you into the 300,000-gallon warm water shark exhibit, where you'll get an up-close view of sharks. Whether you're a certified diver or an adventurous non-diver, this is an exhilarating, underwater journey that is perfect for you. This is a great opportunity for you to explore and learn firsthand about these top predators found in Hawaii, and it will give you a different experience from scuba diving in the vast ocean. Your shark dive Hawaii instructor will guide you around the tank where you will see Black Tip Reef sharks, White Tip Reef sharks, Sandbar Shark, Giant Brown Hawaiian Sting Rays, Blue Travelley, Surgeon fish, and Yellow Tangs. This is the only  guaranteed shark sighting dive experience on the island, or your money back!


Arrive Early and Make it a Full Day!

Day Pass to Sea Life Park Included

What to Expect on your Shark Dive Hawaiiinstructor for shark dive hawaii

When you arrive at our shark dive Hawaii experience, you will go through a briefing over the theory of how to breath underwater and other skills to help you feel comfortable underwater. All of our shark dive guests will go through this briefing including what behavior to expect from the marine life in the tank. After the briefing you will enter the platform over the tank where we will set up the divers in their equipment and enter the water on the large ladder. Each diver will practice their skills, that they learned in the briefing, one-on-one with the instructor. Once everyone is ready, the divers will descend on the ladder to the sharks and rays waiting below!  It is approximately a 30 minute dive with the sharks and rays. (if air supply allows). 

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